maanantai 28. huhtikuuta 2008


unset in Iraklion...

View from my hotel in Iraklion. Actually I also saw
sea from balcony but this was also kind of refreshing
view because this next building was a squat!!

Port of Iraklion. Locals said that Iraklio is a city that has turned
its back to sea. you can see!! No beaches here. But for a finnlander who hasn't
travelled much this was quite exotic anyhow.

I met also some local students. Thanks for Raki and GOOD company,
Jim, Bembo, Panos, Toni, Marlena, Stelios and rest!! I most certainly
will be back at Crete!

Oh yes!! (I didn't do this!!)

I guess these were death-notices they put in lamp-posts.
I wonder what killed this guy...

There were lots of cretans in Iraklion since it
was eastern. But very few tourists. And in this
one week only finnish people I saw were in aeroplane.
Great succeeeesss!!!

On second day I went to Knossos. Somehow present
was (and IS) much more interesting than past. I can visit
Archeological museum next time. But it was interesting
to find out that archeologists and historians really don't
know so much about minoan culture. So I can "invent" all
ancient mysteries I need!!

Soon I left Iraklion for Plakias. This was
from Rethymno where I changed bus. Too much
tourist hassle there for me!!

Bus trip to Plakias was really green.
I put a very peaceful video of this to youtube:

Going Up Plakias Yes Yes

I got of the bus and found paradise!

Plakias Youth Hostel.

Going to One Rock Beach..

I was only seven days at Crete but somehow
I found my second home there. Especially in Plakias.
So I have to organize my life so I can get there
on springs and autumns. So different mentality than
here in Finland...

In past women used to pour Raki for men in these troughs...

On a way to mountains...
And there were quite many of them!!

Looking towards Africa...

...and finally back to stressfull urban
city-life here in Helsinki, Finland.
(Damn, I really should have stayed longer in Plakias!!)

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