maanantai 30. kesäkuuta 2008

Baltic Biennial

If gods are fortunate on me I will
participate on "Baltic Biennial of
Contemporary Art" in St. Petersburg.
That is my first exhibition abroad.
Exhibition takes place in
"Manege Central Exhibition Hall"
(St. Isaac’s Square 1),
in the very center of the St.Petersburg

I guess I will stay there whole
time so it'll be also vacation.
Reports and photos of the journey will
be posted here (afterwards?)

Here are two new paintings
(Travel of Innocents 1&2)
that will be exhibited there
among other "Pere Demu" paintings:

I have done also lots of Suohumala-recordings
recently. There's a good stuff coming!
My plans are to make new CD for the time
of Helsinki Comics-festival on 12.-14.9.2008!!

And last week I got this letter
from Unemployment office which stated
that I have to apply for their course
called "New Direction" (uusi suunta).
They used to put people to similar courses
in Cambodia and China, I guess they have
now recognized here in Finland that old
tricks are better than new ones!

Well well, it seems that artistic
behavior and creativity is considered
dangerous in our consumer-based society...

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