maanantai 15. elokuuta 2011

Hirvitalo & Flow

It's been quite August!

First I put up an installation in Hirvitalo,
Tampere, as a part of "Out of Mouths of Babes"-
group exhibition (Other artists are Niina Putkonen,
Paula Ervamaa, Miia Änäkkälä and Jaakko Salama).

My installation, "Grazy Summer Collection",
is there in second floor's backroom. It gather's
around some of my older paper-mache scuptures
but there's also some this summer's work:

Exhibition is open until Sunday 28.8.2011,
address and further information is available
in HIRVITALO's pages.

And last weekend we, VALOVIRHEE were at
Flow-festival, doing our overhead-projections
at Backyard, both on Friday and Saturday:

As if that isn't enough, next
weekend I'll install three new paintings
in Tallinn, Culture-factory Polymer,
among Vadelma ry's group exhibition:

But more news of it later!!