tiistai 27. helmikuuta 2018

Iloiset miehet @ kaarina-talo, Turku

So, here's some pictures from exhibition from Kaarina-talo
(library and culture center which opened just recently, 5.2.2018)
Kaarina talo is open: mon-fri 9-19 sat 10-15
And address is: Lautakunnankatu 1, Kaarina-talo Postiosoite: PL 12, 20781 Kaarina
(nearby Turku, Finland)

Group-exhibition is tribute for Touko Laaksonen, better known as Tom of Finland and exhibition is open until 8.5.2018.

Here's link to exhibition's Facebook-event: www.facebook.com/iloisetmiehet/

...I myself have there two paintings and although prices are quite high, they are very negotiable.

Antti Silvekoski, "Den Spännande Stunden 1 & 2" (acrylic, 100*82 cm, 2017):

(interior photos (c) Solja Järvenpää 2018)

keskiviikko 6. joulukuuta 2017

Iloiset Miehet

After Summer of Delirium I've been painting these two replicas from my old painting called "Den Spännande Stunden" (The Magic Moment, acrylic, 100*81 cm, 2017)). They are on their way to Kaarina-talo, which is new library/culture-house in Kaarina near Turku, Finland.

Paintings are in a joint-exhibition (first exhibition in the new building) where Finnish contemporary artists show their interpretations of Tom of Finland's work and subjects he dealt with.

Exhibition will be open when Kaarina-talo is finished and ready in the beginning of the year 2018.

More info coming...

"ILOISET MIEHET" on uuden Kaarina-talon ensimmäisen taidenäyttely, jossa suomalaiset nykytaiteilijat tekevät Tom of Finlandin työn innoittamia tulkintoja aiheesta. Näyttelyä pääsee katsomaan heti Kaarina-talon avauduttua ensi vuoden puolella. "

torstai 13. huhtikuuta 2017

Fantasies of April - exhibition

My wife, Niina Putkonen and me are holding a
pop-up-exhibition at Alppila, Helsinki
(near tram nr.3 stop of "Porvoonkatu").
Precise address is Viipurinkatu 1 B

Openings were 8.4.2017 and I'll be keeping gallery open until 30th of April. (open wed-sun 3-8 pm).

And here's some examples of works included in the exhibition. First, some drawings of Niina Putkonen:

Niina's works populate the backroom of gallery

She uses thinnest possible inkpen...

My own works are in the front-room:

I have two new series of acrylic-paintings
One has more abstract touch:

And the other concentrates on
fantastic-naturalistic landscapes:

All works are on sale!

Welcome to visit if you are in Finland!

...More photos from the exhibition coming soon!

lauantai 28. tammikuuta 2017

Fresh new year

I'm a man with not so many words
here's some photos from previous years's

And here's some paintings awailable now from
Helsingin taiteilijaseuran taidelainaamo;

tiistai 6. joulukuuta 2016

torstai 5. toukokuuta 2016

Älypuisto - Smart Park - exhibition

29.4.2016 started my Älypuisto-exhibition at
corner-restaurant Daire
(Koroistentie 8, Ruskeasuo, Helsinki)

Works are collection of my older
paintings and recent drawings:

Schedule is quite loose,
but I think that exhibition
is there at least two months...

This drawing ("Veli Pitkäkaula") jumped away
a moment after I got it on the wall:

All works are on sale!

The one below is called:
"Ryhmäseksikilpailuja katsomassa"
("Watching the Group-sex-competition")

perjantai 18. maaliskuuta 2016

Modelling Clay #2

Some new samples of my wife's,
Niina Putkonen's clay-works.
Playdough started this "netsuke"-madness,
now she has started to build an army of these
cute clay-creatures:

Sizes of these works
are only few centimeters.

We are trying to find
exhibition-space for
a joint-exhibition, our art
would make a beautiful