maanantai 2. marraskuuta 2009


I had a Suohumala-gig week ago and
that went pretty fine, although
I shouldn't have drank previous night.
Anyway, I had quite many own songs,
and there is more coming... people
seemed to like them.

By the way, here is two photos
of one rock-drawing from the end of summer,
that was a quite big one:

In the end of November I'll have
12 colorful-skulls in shop window
in Helsinginkatu as part of
Kallio Kipinöi-festival...

more information coming soon!!

Here's also some pictures from
last summers adventures:

(This one's from Irrisistable District-
festival from Suvilahti where our
lightshow-group Valovirhee performed
two exhausting but fun nights)

But who in hell is this???:

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