perjantai 10. huhtikuuta 2015

Back to Rokokoo-exhibition

At this moment I have very nice collection of my recent paintings and charcoal-drawings at Vallila's library at Helsinki. (Päijänteentie 5)

("Back to Rokokoo" - charcoal and acrylics on cardboard, 122*100 cm, 2015)

Exhibition is open 2.-30.4.2015:

mon-thu 9-20
fri 9-18
sat 10-16
(+on voting sundays:
12.4. 10-15
19.4. 9-20)

Also I have added some paintings
from the year 2014 to my webpages:

("Le Soleil Sinistre"
- acrylics and charcoal on canvas,
65*50cm, 2014)

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Nice painting!