keskiviikko 18. kesäkuuta 2008

Merry Christmas!

Following series of photographs is from Aitoo.
4.6. there was photograph-exhibition opening
in my friends', Teuvo and Helkas gallery...

As a result of accident, we had to amputate
poor photographers both legs with pocketknives...

Last weekend I was performing in Factory
with Kytät and Backwoods Powerhouse.
That was my last gig for a while,
I have to seriously re-think the idea
of artist-beers:


Also last weekend I finally visited Kivinokka (Herttoniemi,
Helsinki) where they had organized a sculpture-exhibition
outside the Maija's cafe. There was also music performances
of Vuohi ja Poliisi, Dark President and Harppuuna. And
also reasonable amount of rain:

a sculpture by Maria Hopia:

a sculpture by Leena Pukki:

a sculpture by Olli Hopia:

another sculpture by Olli Hopia:

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