tiistai 25. joulukuuta 2007

Things Are Happening

Haven't written anything for a while. I've been mainly doing relief-sculptures and paintings for Kontula Health Care Center. Deadline of the work will be 24.1.2008 and everything seems to be ready on time.

Anyway, there is still some important steps to be done, e.g. I have to cover the paper-mache with plaster-like white stuff. When all is ready I'll put a section of pictures of this Kontula-Art to my webpages. One of the paintings seems to be one of the best I've ever done!!

And after that deadline there will be shortly afterward SUOHUMALA's (my band) first gig in Liberte, Helsinki 8.2.2008. And that is really another battle... many challenges ahead, including our newest band-member, Loro Kiero, who defenitely is worth of his name!

And in somewhere around February or March there is big group-exhibition in Cable-Factory in Helsinki. Exhibition is called "Behind the Moustaches" and for my part there will be only new, unseen paintings and sculptures. Most of which are almost ready, but they still need the final brushstrokes.

So no chance of laying back and getting depressed this winter. I really have to be extra careful not to get stress or burnout or drink-too-much!

keskiviikko 31. lokakuuta 2007

Imaginary Arkham

Today I visited Tammisaari which seems to
be truly cthulhunesque-city... I bet something
unspeakable evil lurks there...

torstai 27. syyskuuta 2007

more paintings to Kontula

I've had a stubborn flu whole month.
And before that I had a stomach flu
which was really HELL.

But here are some pictures of my
recent paintings to Kontula Health Care
Center. They are not quite finished,
little details are still coming.
And names might be evolving...

"Pilvipuu" (acrylic, 81*116 cm)

"Olet mitä näet" (You are what you see) acrylic 130*100 cm

Detail of "olet mitä näet"

maanantai 20. elokuuta 2007

Rock Drawings

Yesterday I cured my hangover by going to Pihlajasaari,
very beautiful island in front of Helsinki. I found some coals
and did some drawings on a rock. I don't think that the results
were much, but the idea and actual drawing on stone was
very healing...

There wasn't actually so much coals to be found and
searching was part of the fun.

I noticed that taking pictures was pretty
difficult since stones themshelves have so
much lines...

maanantai 6. elokuuta 2007

Heräsin viime yönä keittiöstä kantautuviin outoihin ääniin.
Nousin ylös ja menin katsomaan mitä siellä oikein tapahtuu.
Meininki oli tällaista:

Jostain alkoi kuulua rahiseva ääni joka lausui:
Imuroida lautasellisia kuollutta ihoa,
tiedän kyllä ketkä sitä syövät,
kuivaa aavikkoa, pölyisää möhnää,
toukat kaivautuvat koloistaan, ajattelevat:
"on meidän vuoromme,
oi mähnän valtakunta, suolojen hovi!
Vapaita aikoja kostealla kaakelilla,
itiöt levittyvät huomenna"

Aava preeria on vain taru,
hupsun mystikon erehdys,
tulkitsi väärin hieroglyfit,

Vanhan intiaanin päänahkaa,
ritilöiden välissä (kihtini on poissa!)

Härmä ryömii kaikille pinnoille,
paremmin löyhkä hampaiden välistä,
sitä keltaista juttua, kunnon solukosta kannattaa maksaa
Anna meidän koteloitua, nauttia mustista läikistä!!

Vapisin hetken oudon näyn edessä, palasin
hitaasti sänkyyni, kääriydyin peittoni alle ja
lupasin ostaa seuraavana päivänä pölypusseja

lauantai 4. elokuuta 2007


I got feedback from my job. I'm doing paintings for
Kontula Health Care Center and I sent there pictures of two
paintings. Feedback was "oikein mukavia" which translates
something as "really enjoyable" (at least in my mind...)

Here is picture of the first painting:

"Root Canal Therapy (Juurihoitoa)", acrylic, 116*81 cm

Actually I'm trying to make next paintings more peacefull,
this first one just got its own way...

Paintings will be there January 2008 and if everything
works out fine some of them will be seen autumn 2007
at Vallila Health Care Center...

sunnuntai 22. heinäkuuta 2007

Water water

Yesterday I was at the most beautiful place I've found here in Helsinki.
It's very far from city centre and I'm really not going to reveal exact
location (the place is sacred...) It's near Vuosaari.

Sharp stone-cliffs descended smoothly into sea, sun was shining
and in front of me sea opened without a smallest glimpse of this
big city. Very powerful, dreamlike place. Place where land ends!!
Place where vikings had their talks with Odin. Place where I enjoyed
my chinese-beer!! You could almost here those baroque sounds
evolving from waves...

Luckily I had my new camera with me, as you can see:

And luckily I had my sun protection also!!