maanantai 5. toukokuuta 2008


In Finland we have this drinking-festival
called VAPPU. So if you're coming Finland during
Vappu (1st of May), the best way to participate is get
pissed, take off your clothes and have time
of your life:

Next day (hangover) was spent in a different mileu:

(pretty strong defense for this
Timo Jaakola's painting...)

On a third day of "vappu" I went to Tampere
to perform a Suohumala-gig in ending of
Musta Valo-exhibition:

Quite spectacular stage!!

Relaxin' after first solo-gig

Jussi Löf and Samuli Kivinummi have done
greatest blacklight-paintings I've ever seen!

On next day we did some fine arts before
it was time to go back to Helsinki...

...and perform as a support for James Reipas.
I have also video clip of my

James Reipas had one of their best gigs!!

But Vappu is happily-luckily over now and it is
time to sulk and frown rest year.
In Finland we believe that Russia
will invade us if we smile too much!!