lauantai 21. marraskuuta 2009


20.11.-1.12.2009 my installation,
"Kehvelit" is at VemDent-dentist's
shop-window in Helsinginkatu 9, Helsinki.
It is part of Kallio Kipinöi-festival.

Installation consists of 12 colourfull
skulls with central head, Nebukadnessar.
All are paper-mache, painted with acrylic

I also strongly recommend Olli Hopia's
exhibition at Malmitalo-gallery,
Malmi, Helsinki 19.11.-12.12.2009,
Olli has there drawings and very charismatic

Another one to recommend is
Mikko Torvisen's web-comic,

Have fun with good old cyberpunk!

Also Vadelma ry. has big happening
at Kulttuuritalo, Helsinki, Sat. 28.11.09,
with lots of bands and VJ's (also our
Valovirhee-group), all this only 6 euros!!

maanantai 2. marraskuuta 2009


I had a Suohumala-gig week ago and
that went pretty fine, although
I shouldn't have drank previous night.
Anyway, I had quite many own songs,
and there is more coming... people
seemed to like them.

By the way, here is two photos
of one rock-drawing from the end of summer,
that was a quite big one:

In the end of November I'll have
12 colorful-skulls in shop window
in Helsinginkatu as part of
Kallio Kipinöi-festival...

more information coming soon!!

Here's also some pictures from
last summers adventures:

(This one's from Irrisistable District-
festival from Suvilahti where our
lightshow-group Valovirhee performed
two exhausting but fun nights)

But who in hell is this???:

perjantai 14. elokuuta 2009


Summertime and the living is EASY!!

I visited lovely Turku, where surrealism
has never ceased to exist:

Actually I was there to experience
ILMIÖ-festival which really was nice
event in beautiful old dance-place...

One of my favourite acts happened
in smaller stages, here Bugari Ormond
plays and tells tales. Unforgettable:

There was also Kokomys, showing their
electric equipment which was set up to
be tested by audience:

Also in the midnight Nightsatan did
their best with Lasermetal:

Despite of the hangovers I managed
to exhibit some of my Pere Demu-series
of paintings in Faces-festival's group
exhibition next week:

I think best music was provided by
Rol Junell's Hawaiian Novelty Orchestra,
despite of the rain:

...what lovely easy-chair-tunes!!!
They take you flying on a dream-balloon:

...and you come back to ground with
strange results:

"Taisivat tarjota työtäkin kerran,
tuumin asiaa hetkisen verran,
esitin kohteliaan kieltäymyksen"
(from new Suohumala-song...)

sunnuntai 5. heinäkuuta 2009

Hard Day at the Zoo

One of my older paintings, Hard Day at the Zoo,
is in Suomenlinna, Rantakasarmi in Helsinki Artist's
Association's summer-exhibition "ELÄIMELLISTÄ"
(Until 2.8.09)

One of the creatures below is Olli Hopia's sculpture
in Kivinokka-Environmental-Art-Exhibition:

perjantai 12. kesäkuuta 2009

Fat Days & Other Ways

Just released new Suohumala-CD,
called "FAT DAYS". It has same flow
as previous "VIRITIN", but maybe
with a little better tuning...

Cover, of course, is a painting of mine,
very old one, although finalized just
for this occasion. Sometimes the painting
was called "Loksunokan löysät päivät",
which lazyly might translate to something like
"Fat Days".

I didn't have time to paint fork
to the creatures hand which would have been
holding a piece of its stomache. That would
have been quite conceptual aproach...

Here is also some drawings which were
sketches for a giant paper-mache-sculptures
for Musiikkitalon taidekilpailu, in Helsinki
(Art competition for a Concert Hall of Helsinki):

Here is close-up of one of the characters:

Of course I didn't get to "second stage"
with these works, although press-release
said that chosen works had some quality of
humour in them. This is clip was secretly
taken from meeting of art-"jury"...

Good humour here in FINLAND!

Finally here are some interesting pictures

...And I have participated also
to light-show-group called VALOVIRHEE
That is PURE FUN!!!

perjantai 24. huhtikuuta 2009


Today I was totally elevated by nature in
Uutela (vuosaari, Helsinki), found some
coals from fireplace nearby the sea and
did once again some ROCK-drawings:

This was quite big drawing, if I claim its height to be
around 4 meters, it might be close.
These things are really difficult to photograph.
I guess drawing might be there for couple of days,
it doesn't seem to start raining...

Actually I have been quite a lot outdoors
recently... nothing wrong with that!

No sign of depression here!

Here's also my newest painting,
picture is not good, but nature's
influence is undeniable:

sunnuntai 29. maaliskuuta 2009


Haven't posted anything for a while
which doesn't mean that nothing is happening.
Quite contrary:

Here is cover of our new magazine
called Nyky-Eliö (translates "Modern Creature"):

It is self-published, black and white and
concentrates mainly in writings...
No comics here!

There was only 70 prints, so if you have
one, you truly have a valuable gem in possession!!
Next magazine should be out in summer...

Meanwhile Vadelma-organization has
happening here in Helsinki:

Event is Vadelma ry's exhibition in
gallery Maa-tila in Albertinkatu 19.
Also there is lots of other program:
performances, panel-discussions and musical
happenings... check the program by clicking

Some of my artworks (maybe something
new also) will be there!

Go and visit!!
Open tue-sun 13-19‭ pm.

torstai 8. tammikuuta 2009

Kiasma vs. Palestine

Yesterday I was going to Kiasma (museum of contemporary
art here in Helsinki) and somehow wound up marching
among middle-eastern demonstrators against Israel
genocide in Gaza.

I left ranks when some group started to shout
JIHAD, although I know there are many kinds of jihads.
Entrance to Kiasma was free on that particular day.
(Every months' first wednesday 17.00 ->)

I should have stayed in the demonstration.
Current exhibition of contemporary art was totally
BORING!! Some asshole finance-guy had bought these
things during 80's (I guess he cheated money from
crippled old people) and now they have ended to the
collections of museum.

There was lot of "art-talk" written on the walls.
Maybe they should have put there also some texts
from Hakim Bey's T.A.Z.
(well, there is a mention of aesthetic jihad :)