perjantai 12. kesäkuuta 2009

Fat Days & Other Ways

Just released new Suohumala-CD,
called "FAT DAYS". It has same flow
as previous "VIRITIN", but maybe
with a little better tuning...

Cover, of course, is a painting of mine,
very old one, although finalized just
for this occasion. Sometimes the painting
was called "Loksunokan löysät päivät",
which lazyly might translate to something like
"Fat Days".

I didn't have time to paint fork
to the creatures hand which would have been
holding a piece of its stomache. That would
have been quite conceptual aproach...

Here is also some drawings which were
sketches for a giant paper-mache-sculptures
for Musiikkitalon taidekilpailu, in Helsinki
(Art competition for a Concert Hall of Helsinki):

Here is close-up of one of the characters:

Of course I didn't get to "second stage"
with these works, although press-release
said that chosen works had some quality of
humour in them. This is clip was secretly
taken from meeting of art-"jury"...

Good humour here in FINLAND!

Finally here are some interesting pictures

...And I have participated also
to light-show-group called VALOVIRHEE
That is PURE FUN!!!