sunnuntai 29. maaliskuuta 2009


Haven't posted anything for a while
which doesn't mean that nothing is happening.
Quite contrary:

Here is cover of our new magazine
called Nyky-Eliö (translates "Modern Creature"):

It is self-published, black and white and
concentrates mainly in writings...
No comics here!

There was only 70 prints, so if you have
one, you truly have a valuable gem in possession!!
Next magazine should be out in summer...

Meanwhile Vadelma-organization has
happening here in Helsinki:

Event is Vadelma ry's exhibition in
gallery Maa-tila in Albertinkatu 19.
Also there is lots of other program:
performances, panel-discussions and musical
happenings... check the program by clicking

Some of my artworks (maybe something
new also) will be there!

Go and visit!!
Open tue-sun 13-19‭ pm.