tiistai 25. joulukuuta 2007

Things Are Happening

Haven't written anything for a while. I've been mainly doing relief-sculptures and paintings for Kontula Health Care Center. Deadline of the work will be 24.1.2008 and everything seems to be ready on time.

Anyway, there is still some important steps to be done, e.g. I have to cover the paper-mache with plaster-like white stuff. When all is ready I'll put a section of pictures of this Kontula-Art to my webpages. One of the paintings seems to be one of the best I've ever done!!

And after that deadline there will be shortly afterward SUOHUMALA's (my band) first gig in Liberte, Helsinki 8.2.2008. And that is really another battle... many challenges ahead, including our newest band-member, Loro Kiero, who defenitely is worth of his name!

And in somewhere around February or March there is big group-exhibition in Cable-Factory in Helsinki. Exhibition is called "Behind the Moustaches" and for my part there will be only new, unseen paintings and sculptures. Most of which are almost ready, but they still need the final brushstrokes.

So no chance of laying back and getting depressed this winter. I really have to be extra careful not to get stress or burnout or drink-too-much!