perjantai 14. elokuuta 2009


Summertime and the living is EASY!!

I visited lovely Turku, where surrealism
has never ceased to exist:

Actually I was there to experience
ILMIÖ-festival which really was nice
event in beautiful old dance-place...

One of my favourite acts happened
in smaller stages, here Bugari Ormond
plays and tells tales. Unforgettable:

There was also Kokomys, showing their
electric equipment which was set up to
be tested by audience:

Also in the midnight Nightsatan did
their best with Lasermetal:

Despite of the hangovers I managed
to exhibit some of my Pere Demu-series
of paintings in Faces-festival's group
exhibition next week:

I think best music was provided by
Rol Junell's Hawaiian Novelty Orchestra,
despite of the rain:

...what lovely easy-chair-tunes!!!
They take you flying on a dream-balloon:

...and you come back to ground with
strange results:

"Taisivat tarjota työtäkin kerran,
tuumin asiaa hetkisen verran,
esitin kohteliaan kieltäymyksen"
(from new Suohumala-song...)