keskiviikko 27. helmikuuta 2008

Temppeli Vuorilla

I added one new song to SUOHUMALA's pages

Actually I should be sending invitations for Behind the Moustaches
-exhibition but since doctor'll pull my wisdom tooth away tomorrow,
I have spent a recreational day. Not thinking paintings or dentist!

Which means doing the music. And I remembered my
"Bachuksen juonet"-project which is going to be really something!
"Bachuksen juonet" will be themathical horror/fantasy-album for
children!! I had nearly forgotten those recordings and when
I listened some of them, they sounded great!

But there is a LOT to be done with this record so I can't say
whether it'll be ready 2008 or 2009... or 2010.
I'm eagerly waiting to be able to get out of this town,
to go to cabin and walk in forests and write the story for
this psychedelic-horror-opera. Making music is fun and easy
but writing requires really hard thinking.

Record will be completely solo-album, only some
drum-samples will be used!