keskiviikko 26. marraskuuta 2008


At last some snow here in Helsinki,
this guy lived only one night.
But what great time he had in my balcony!

One below is from Vadelma ry's openings
at Om'pu-bar, 3.11.08:

This is Helsinki's new music-house,
they chose the cheapest offer:

torstai 13. marraskuuta 2008

Year Full of Art

This year I have participated in 5 exhibitions
(one of them being my first exhibition in abroad)
and also I published my first public paintings in

I did 7 Suohumala-gigs and put out new Suohumala-CD.
And I did one DJ-gig and tried once Video-Jockeys job.

Hmm... was that all? Maybe.

I really should organize my plans, but somehow
"planning" feels very unsatisfying. DOING things,
however chaotic that may be, is much more compelling!!

I have a really good idea for a solo-exibition,
also I have enough song-structures for 2-3 CD's.
And once in a month I have to visit in unemployment
office, every time fearing that they cut-off my

Nobody buys my art and I have no place in "art world".

So what the hell am I doing??
Answer: HAVING FUN!!

If somebody would offer me a job where I could
get 3000 euros/month by sitting in front of the computer
10 hours a day I most likely refused the offer.

It is much more satisfying creating your own stuff
than to be somebody else's slave, even if that means
that I have to struggle with 300-400 euros/month.

And besides I don't have any loans, cars or children,
I haven't bought any of that stuff they try to sell
us so that they could imprison us with responsibilities.

Ok, I have my troubles and I can't say I AM FREE
because creativity in itself is pretty obsessive,
but all in all I'm quite happy with the road
I have chosen...

By the way, these paintings here
(from Funny Ancestor series) are hanging
on the walls of Om'pu-bar in
Siltasaarenkatu 15, Helsinki
until 30.11.2008
(That's VADELMA ry's exhibition there)