lauantai 16. elokuuta 2008


I'm doing a new cd, it's going to be called
"Viritin" or "Tuner", I'm not yet sure which.
If everything works out fine I'll be selling it
in Comix Festival, Helsinki, 12.-13.9.2008.

I'll put to Suohumala's MYSPACE-site few taste-tracks soon!

I'm very satisfied with this new record,
it has many groovy dance-tracks as well as
all kinds of strange atmospheres. All in all
it could be described as POP-ROCK-ELECTRO-SOUL...
...hmmm.. or could it? Well you have to buy
and judge yourself, I have a feeling that "Viritin" will
be very remarkable step in my music career!!

And it is also a very good soundtrack to my paintings.
As allways.

I also finally bought SCANNER!
So in this autumn I there will be
lots of new drawings in my website.
I have quite many old sketchbooks, full
of excellent material...

And next exhibition will be 1.10-2.11.2008
in Pieksämäki, (in savo) in a group-exhibition called
"Säkkipimeä". I haven't been to Pieksämäki
(town where I grew up) for ten years so it is
going to be a little bit like a TwinPeaks-trip
for me..